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Landscape Designs Inspired by Nature

Morin, Al - Home sketchup 1
Dudzik - Back Patios and Kitchen Area
Warren, Tony & Katie
McMahon, Brad
Christens, Gary
Dudzik - Front Bed and Walkway
landscape color 1
Wickman, Rhonda

Meadow Rue Landscaping offers different design options, to tailor to the individual needs of our clients. 

Home Owners:


We meet with our clients for a free no obligation consultation to discuss the needs and goals of the design. Once the initial consultation is finished - we give a quote for the design package based on the needs/aspirations of the home owner. Once the quote is approved - the site analysis occurs, deep study and contemplation begins, and the entire process of our designers make way for the grand design.  Call today for more details on how our process works. These designs are great for the DIY'ers; or homeowners that would like a unique design for install from company of their choice. 

Engineers / Architects :

Meadow Rue Landscaping LLC work with local Engineer firms for quality aesthetic designs that are both detailed, beautiful, and most importantly within 'Code'; depending on city/county point systems for plan approvals. Call today to discuss the unique pricing options for this service.

Builders / Contractors : 

Meadow Rue Landscaping LLC will work with builders and contractors on vertical and exterior 3D designs. If a client is on the fence about a structure or design element - we are here to bring the vision of the builder to life. We also offer detailed and thought provoking landscape designs for our builders clients to pass down to the chosen landscape company. That way the finishing touches on the exterior elements will go hand in hand with the original vision of  the grand project. Designs created for the landscape install company includes material lists, attention to detail, easy bidding process, crew copies, dimensions, and a project management background to ensure a feasible implementation to the design. 

** Meadow Rue Contractor Service is currently booked out  and no longer accepting new Builder / Contractor services

Design Service Example:

Every client receives a master design in color 2D CAD drawing to help demonstrate full growth sizing, colors, and textures of plant materials. 

JPEG or PDF file

36x24 Color Print       To Scale

Every client receives a black and white, easy to read copy blue print with all the plant names and symbols for simplified install. 

JPEG or PDF file

36x24 Black and White Print      To Scale

You will also receive full Blue Print of your landscape measurements.  You will know where your plants should be, where your beds start and where they should end.

JPEG or PDF file

36x24 Black and White Print      To Scale

Design Service Includes:

* Full measurements, leader descriptions, color prints and PDF files

* All Materials needed listed in a Implementation book and Word Doc.

* Detailed breakdown and quantities.  

Additional Options:

Project Management:

Finally a design firm that also understands the extensive process of an install. Homeowners may hire Meadow Rue Designer to project manage the install of their detailed design. No matter which company a home owner or builder chooses; Meadow Rue will manage the project to represent the home owner or builder entirely.  Hiring an unbiased project manager ensures that the project is being done for the good of the home owner or builder personally- and not for the sole gain of a landscape install company. Call today for pricing. 

3D Design Services: 

We offer detailed 3D designs and realistic rendering options for an additional cost.  This way you know the full details of your project in every angle. 

Call for detailed pricing - Free no obligation quotes
Homeowners: The scale of a project is what drives the cost. Call today for a walk on your property to get an idea on the scope of work. Before our designers begin your process you will received a quote - and we will never stray from that price guaranteed. 
920-373-1992 or
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